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Over the years, we have worked on many projects involving piping, aviation, automotive and marine modeling. The process of constructing and assembling engineering models is indeed meticulous and laborious. Most of the time, it involves hundreds of man-hours right from the initial stage of lofting of plans to the final touches of the end product.

Today, we are well positioned to meet the needs of our clients who require a 'one-stop solution center in conceptual support, scaled-down replicas of engineering models (which include oil refineries, chemical plants, food processing plants and offshore platforms) as well as consultation services to assist in any construction planning. We are also able to assist our clients to produce a model and collate the necessary information to embark on a feasibility study, review and analyse actual construction procedures and ensure smooth material take-off.


Equipments Used

Laser-cut Equipment, Milling Equipment, Lathe Machines, Drilling Machines, Table Saw, Air-Spray Equipment & so on.


Materials Used

EMA standard parts (from USA), Fibre-glass, Resin, Chloroform, Nippon Auto paint, Scaled vehicle/Human figures (from Germany), Plastic, Acrylic/Styrene sheets & rods (from Japan), Copper/Aluminium rods  & brass, Injected moulded parts.

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